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Pelvic Floor Wellness

Weak pelvic floor muscles are common as men and women age.  It is certainly more common if you have had surgery or other types of injury to this area (pregnancy, radiation treatment, and others).  Weak pelvic floor muscles and weak collagen support affect your Quality of Life:

1.  Sexual satisfaction

2.  Urinary symptoms

3.  Vaginal irritation

4.  Post-partum weakness

5.  Post surgical weakness

There are many contributors to weak muscles, besides previous injury or surgery.  Many of us are not familiar with this muscle and how to keep it strong.  Most of us have heard of Kegel exercises, but we don't always understand if we are doing them correctly, or even at all.  Also, declining hormone levels, usually a result of aging, will also cause the muscles to weaken, and the collagen and soft tissues in the area to become thinner and less supportive.


Thankfully, in this clinic, we have great options to to support all of these factors.

In this clinic we offer:

1.  Hormone therapy (BHRT) (for men and women, age >40 years) to support OPTIMAL hormone levels to improve the collagen and muscle strength.  Of course, using these therapies will help more than just your pelvic floor!

2.  A medical device, called EMSELLA (for men and women), that uses High Frequency ElectroMagnetic (HiFEM) energy to stimulate your pelvic floor muscle.  Basically, it does the job of the Kegels, but 11,000 times stronger.  And you don't have to "guess" if you are doing it properly.  It is like going to the gym to lift weights — the more your stimulate the muscle, the stronger it will become.

3.  Collagen Stimulator Device (women only), to externally stimulate healthy collagen growth, for better support of the soft tissues and lubrication.  This can help with urinary symptoms and sexual comfort and enjoyment.

4.  Topical compounded therapies to improve sexual satisfaction (women only).  The doses are compounded specifically for your needs.

5. Pelvic floor physiotherapy, for a 1:1 management of the pelvic floor muscle, with a trained physiotherapist.  We will refer you to someone, if we feel this is needed.

6.  PRP Treatments using your own growth factors, we apply these externally or internally to treat atrophic vaginitis, lichen sclerosis and the famous "O Shot" to improve sexual health.


You can use one of these therapies, or all of them, depending on your needs.


A consultation will help us guide you through these treatments and work out a plan that is best for you.  Are you ready?! We are here for you!

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