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Our Mission


To provide health services that accentuate natural beauty, external, internal and mental health included. To offer education and treatments on ways to maintain and even improve their overall health. We want to offer these services in a friendly, relaxing, and professional atmosphere. We believe that we offer patients the best possible services and most up-to-date services. Most or all of these services are provided or supervised by a medical doctor.

Dr. Suzanne Leaf, MD FRCP


Dr Leaf has been working in medicine for over 11 years. She was initially trained in Minneapolis, MN at the University of Minnesota and Hennepin County Medical Center as an Internal Medicine specialist and then worked in a suburban area hospital for several years. She moved to Canada in 2003, with her Canadian husband.

In the middle of starting a new family and a new medical career in London, Ontario, she has focused on Rheumatology and nutrition, aesthetics, and maintaining an overall healthy life. She has focused her medical education on areas of how to live healthfully, internally, externally, and mentally. She continues her practice in Rheumatology, while expanding her practice into aesthetics.


She hopes to continue to expand her medical clinic to continue to provide medical services in the areas of external beauty/aesthetics, ways to maintain internal medical health, and strategies to keep our top mental function. There are many ways to achieve these things - through physical exercise, meditation, vitamin supplements, and overall good nutrition, chemical and laser treatments to the skin, or a combination of all of these things. She hopes to offer education and treatments in these areas to help other women and men achieve their health goals.



Jessica graduated with an aesthetics certificate from Elegance School in London in 2007.  She joined the Suzanne Leaf Cosmetic Centre team in 2013 and has been training directly under Dr. Leaf.  As a medical aesthetician her specialties include; laser hair removal, chemical peels, facials and microdermabrasion.  Jessica enjoys outdoor activities with her family and trying new things especially if they involve food.

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