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What to know:
This is an OHIP funded clinic.  To be seen in this clinic, your Physician or Nurse Practitioner must send a referral letter to Dr Leaf.  Not all referrals are guaranteed to be accepted.

Dr Leaf is a Board Certified Internal Medicine and Rheumatology physician, in the US and in Canada.  She is able to manage autoimmune-related conditions or inflammatory conditions.  She is not able to manage chronic pain or non-inflammatory arthritic conditions.

Dr. Leaf can also manage certain conditions (Osteoarthritis, bursitis, tendonitis – as diagnosed by your health care provider) with a corticosteroid injection; Viscosupplementation injection; or PRP injection.  Not all of these treatments are covered under OHIP, but some might be partially or fully funded by private insurances.


Your appointment may take 30-90 minutes, depending on the complexity of your condition.  Be prepared to be in the clinic for this length of time.


3 days prior to your appointment, pay attention to your email inbox (or junk mail)


We will email you:

An appointment reminder notification with information on how to enter the clinic, making your entrance into the clinic easier and smoother. Possibly other health questionnaires (depending on your health diagnosis).  There could be up to 3 different questionnaires.


Medication review – if we have a list of your medications in our system, we will email this list for you to review, so you don’t have to bring your medications with you.  You can update this list, within the email, if it is incorrect.


All of these forms will be automatically populated into your medical record within Dr Leaf’s office. You have plenty of time to complete these forms, in the convenience of your home, prior to your appointment​. If you DO NOT HAVE access to an email account, let our staff know, and we can make other arrangements.


On the day of the appointment:

Bring a valid health card. Bring a pair of shorts and/or loose shirt (if you need Dr Leaf to examine certain parts of your body).  We also have gowns and drapes, as needed.

COVID rules and regulations are strictly followed in this clinic, to protect the staff, and all of the immune-compromised patients.  Please let us know if you have questions regarding these protocols.

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