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Lifestyle Management

Here at Leaf Medical and Cosmetic Clinic we strive to be the healthiest version of ourselves.  Through the different clinics we offer, we can take those steps from nutrition to hormone replacement therapy to in clinic treatments.  We are here to help guide you to be your best self. 

What is this Lifestyle Management Clinic?

Most weight loss clinics are about losing weight. Here, we are dedicated to making you feel good as you age and if you lose weight along the journey, great!  The main focus is to feel good and not live by the rule: “that’s just what happens when we age”.   We will do one-on-one consultations to discuss your current lifestyle and nutrition and then talk about how to make changes to help you achieve these results.  The program is 90 days and is tailored to you.  We listen to what you like and don't like and adjust that into the program.    Every program is unique because each person is different.  A lifestyle change is only good if you can do it. 

Are you in? If so, LET’s GO!  To get started just give our office a call at 519-207-5323 or email at

Once you are in program you will have access to a private facebook group and access to your coach - Jessica to ask questions.   

Your Lifestyle Management Coach



Jessica graduated with an aesthetics certificate from Elegance School in London in 2007.  She joined the Suzanne Leaf Cosmetic Centre team in 2013 and has been training directly under Dr. Leaf.  As a medical aesthetician her specialties include; laser hair removal, chemical peels, facials and microdermabrasion.  Jessica has always had a passion for food and nutrition and feeling good on inside shows on the outside!  She also, enjoys outdoor activities with her family and trying new things especially if they involve food.

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