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Scar Treatments


Scars can be quite frustrating. The best time to treat a scar is when it is a new scar.  Treatments for scars are best done before the scar becomes "permanent".


But, whether the scar is a newer or older scar, most scars will need more than one type of treatment. Which treatment depends on several factors:  the age of the scar, does it have a colour (pigmented) or no colour (hypo-pigmented), does it have a cavity or does it "pop out" of the "normal" skin. We have several options to manage all of these concerns, but not one treatment will take care of all problems.

*Microdermabrasion - this would take off extra layers of skin, over the scar, to give a short-lived improvement to the look of the scar.

*Chemical Peels - will improve the texture and colour of a scar.  Sometimes we can do a chemical peel and another treatment on the same day.

*Medical CIT - depending on the serum that we apply after the treatment, it will improve the texture, colour and fine lines within the scar.

*BBL - this is a great way to improve the colour of the scar as well as the overall brightness the skin.  This is a great option in combination with other treatments, as it has been shown, over a 10 year period, to maintain the youthfulness of your skin.

*Fractora - this option works on the pigment, texture and depth of the scar. By using micro-needling along with radio-frequency stimulation, we can create new and healthier collagen.

Touch ups may be needed, for all of these treatments, and the initial treatment plan may change, as your scar heals.  This will be reassessed throughout the treatment.

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