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Female Health & Wellness


Female Health and Wellness may seem like a new "catch phrase", but the reason why we are talking about this more is because there are more options available to help women feel more confident.  The treatments we have available are able to improve: urinary incontinence, vaginal lubrication, external appearance, and overall sexual health.

We are fortunate to have a relationship with a pelvic floor physiotherapist and chiropractor, and we can refer you to them, if appropriate for your care.


PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)  - we use this in combination with other therapies, or on its own. By using your own growth factors, from a tube of your blood, we apply it in specific pelvic area to improve your sexual, urinary and vaginal concerns.  

"O" Shot - this treatment is to improve sexual function and health.  We use your own growth factors (PRP) and apply them in the clitoral area as well as the "O shot", located 2-3 cm within the anterior part of the vaginal wall.

Vulva treatment - we can use a combination of therapies to improve the appearance of your external labia, improve lubrication, sexual health, as well as atrophic vaginitis symptoms.  A few of the treatments we use are: Fractora, Forma, PRP as well as hormone replacement therapy. 

EMSELLA - (for men and women), that uses High Frequency ElectroMagnetic (HiFEM) energy to stimulate your pelvic floor muscle.  Basically, it does the job of the Kegels, but 11,000 times stronger.  And you don't have to "guess" if you are doing it properly.  It is like going to the gym to lift weights — the more your stimulate the muscle, the stronger it will become.

Bio-Identical Hormone therapy (BHRT) -  to support OPTIMAL hormone levels to improve the collagen and muscle strength.  Of course, using these therapies will help more than just your pelvic floor!

Topical compounded therapies - to improve sexual satisfaction (women only).  The doses are compounded specifically for your needs.

We suggest that you come in for a full evaluation at no cost, so we can help and guide you to achieve the best possible results. If these treatments are not helpful, then surgery is always an option.  But, for us, it is exciting to know there are more and more options available before these invasive treatments.

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