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Beautiful Pout
Dermal Filler


Restore your volume, create proportion and turn back time in a safe and natural way with the most trusted dermal filler experts.


Want to plump your lips, enhance your cheek bones or just look less tired without looking like you were just on an episode of “Botched”? We're here to help.

Learn more about the fillers we offer:

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers - this product is the most common injectable filler used to plump up the lips, cheeks, fill in the hollows of the eyes.  We can also use it for a non-surgical "nose job" and chin contouring.  Hyaluronic Acid is naturally found in our bodies, and it is at highest concentrations at birth (those babies with plump, smooth and soft skin!).  Many companies make a hyaluronic acid filler.  Dr Leaf uses many different types of this product, and will choose the product that will work best for you.  This product is also dissolvable, if there ever was a nodule or improper placement of product.

Radiesse - this is a filler that has calcium-hydroxyapatite and a gel to improve volume loss in the cheeks, temples, chin and jawline.  It can also be placed in the hands to give volume to aging hands and make them look less bony.  Hydroxyapatite is also found in our bodies, naturally, so it is "recognized" by the body and easily incorporated into the skin.  It is the only filler product that has been proven to stimulate natural and healthy collagen - an added bonus!  We can also "dilute" Radiesse and inject it subdermally to improve wrinkling in the cheeks, abdomen, buttocks and knees. This technique smooths out wrinkles and cellulite and gives a "lift" to our aged, sagging skin.  This product can last approximately 12 months.

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