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Collagen Stimulators


Whether you need improvement in skin texture, skin color, fine lines, scars, hair growth, cellulite, or volume loss, collagen stimulation treatments may be the best option for you. Luckily, there are so many ways to "tell" your body to start making more and healthier collagen, so you have options that will work the best for you, with your goals in mind, and that fit into your lifestyle. If you need a little bit of improvement, or a lot...we have it!

"Dilute" Radiesse - you may be familiar with Radiesse as a favorite way to contour the cheek, jawline, and hands.  But, we have always known it is the ONLY filler known to be a collagen stimulator as well.  Similar to Sculptra, we can use it areas that are sagging, such as the skin of the cheeks, buttocks, thighs and above the knees.

Medical CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy) - this has been around for years, and the first collagen treatment I introduced to my practice.  It is still one of my favorite treatments to improve the overall texture and coloring of our skin.  We can use this to improve surgical or acne scars; stretch marks; lines from aging. Because we are stimulating your collagen, it can take 6-12 weeks before we see the final improvement.  We use topical freezing for your comfort, and there really is no downtime, but this depends on the treatment area and the depth of the needles.

PRP Treatments - once again, we are using your own growth factors, and applying them in the areas that need improvement in texture, color, hair growth or just overall skin rejuvenation.  We remove a tube of your blood (1-4 tubes, depending on the area we are treating), we spin down the blood to separate out the growth factors, and then we apply your growth factors to the desired area.  This is sometimes called the "vampire facelift".


SkinTyte/Forma - we have 2 different technologies that create heat, that causes stimulation of collagen.  What is great about these treatments, one treatment is great for a special event, but 3-6 treatments will give you longer-lasting results.  Many times we use the SkinTyte as an add-on to a BBL treatment, but it can be used on its own.  Ask us which option is best for you.


Fractora - this is a treatment using a combination of medical needling and radiofrequency stimulation.  It is safe to use on almost all skin types, in any area of the body.  It has great results for acne scars, active acne, loose skin, aged skin changes, sun damage, stretch marks, and overall improvement in any area of the body.

Sculptra - this injection is not a filler, but a collagen stimulator, poly-L-Lactic Acid.  It stimulates your body to make its own collagen, and can last up to 18 months! We place it in the face to lift the cheeks and contour the jawline. This is perfect for people who have time to achieve results (it can take 3 months for your body to make the collagen) and want a more natural approach to a youthful look.  It requires a series of 3 treatments, with a single maintenance treatment every 12-18 months.  It has also been used in cellulite, sagging skin of the arms, abdomen and thighs, as well as the non-surgical "Brazilian Butt Lift".

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