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Cellulite Treatment


Cellulite is present in 98% of ALL women - but it can be more severe depending on several factors: age of your skin; sun damage; scarring; extra fat deposits; and genetics.  To combat these issues, we offer several treatment options - you  may need 1 or several of these treatments to manage the cellulite.  We will advise you on the best treatment options to give you your best results!

Home care - we have a special serum with enzymes that improve skin texture, that you can use at home, every day.  It is best to start these treatments 2 weeks prior to a special event or vacation.

Serum infusion treatments - this is an in-clinic treatment that puts the serum deeper into your skin, to tighten your skin up to make it tighter and healthier. This is a great addition to your home treatments.

Sculptra or Radiesse injections - these are "fillers" that can smooth out individual cellulite pockets as well as improving the skin tightness and texture.  Allow 4 weeks (minimum) for results to show.  This is best for people with only small areas of cellulite.

Body Fx - this is the ultimate treatment - to permanently reduce unwanted areas of body fat AND tighten the skin - the only machine out there that is proven to do both.

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